Why Buy Saffron From Us?

Through direct cooperation with farmers in Khorasan (an Iranian province, one of the best saffron producers in the world) and collaboration of 800 farmers in 2018, Batiyeh was able to win the trust of domestic and foreign customers, and in so doing, it has had extensive cooperation with great brands.
Using a powerful team, Batiyeh has taken great steps in choosing the best quality saffron for customers. We buy the best quality saffron directly from Iranian farmers. On this website, we only provide our customers with saffron that meets quality standards and factors. Through specific processes, our experts in the laboratory omit the saffron that does not have the desired quality; therefore, the customers will always expect the highest quality of the saffron from us.
We buy saffron directly from Iranian farmers.
Two reasons for why you should buy saffron from us:
1. Direct purchase from Iranian farmers
2. Guaranteed quality of saffron (if the customer, for any reason, is dissatisfied with his/her purchase, the entire costs, including the shipping costs, will be refunded)

What is Saffron?

Red Gold:
Saffron, scientifically called crodcus stativus, is a perennial plant that has a spherical onion and is covered with a brown membrane. It is harvested in southwest Asia and southern Europe. The plant is composed of stems and six petals of purple and three red strands that make up the same commercial saffron.
Strands contain fats, minerals and mucilage. The perfume and smell of saffron is due to the colorless essence of troponin and an oxygenated compound with sinol called safranal. The saffron flavor is related to the bitter heterocid picrocrocin. The color of saffron is related to a substance called crocin.

Of every 100 to 200 Thousand saffron flowers, about 5 kg of saffron is produced, which is about 1 kg when dried.

Saffron properties

From saffron for lower blood pressure and cholesterol,sedative, appetizing, antispasmodic, preventing heart disease and cancer, enhancing memory memory, lowering blood pressure, asthma treatment, skin diseases treatment, Genital Infection, Jaundice, menstrual delay, Bloating Abdomen,Used to.


Saffron should be kept away from moisture and preferably kept in glass or metal containers. Due to the fact that saffron essence can be evaporated,Keeping it in the open environment reduces its medicinal effects and quality.