Secrets you don’t know about counterfeit saffron

The saffron market has long had fluctuations, as swindlers in the field buy white saffron stems and chemically dye them and sell them as saffron, even sometimes with a higher price than this crimson gold.
The swindlers sell each kilo of saffron flowers, which is not even the original, at higher prices. Dying the white parts of this plant with the natural color of saffron is the fairest way for swindlers that is not easily recognizable to consumers.
Professional swindlers dissolve these materials and spray on saffron stigmas. When the saffron flower is dried, the weight of the saffron will increase, which will not be visible to buyers. The original saffron color is also dark red, but the fake saffron is light red.
How to distinguish original saffron from fake saffron?
In order to distinguish original saffron from fake saffron, just pour some of it into a glass of boiling water. If done so, the saffron color is separated from its white stems and the swindlers’ trick is uncovered.
Another way to distinguish original saffron from fake saffron is to crush some of saffron stigmas inside a paper. The original saffron never leaves a greasy mark, but the fake one does.