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The best-selling handicrafts

Join us to introduce you to the best-selling handicrafts.
If we say that our country is the language of the world in the field of handicrafts, we are not saying it in a very wrong way.
Iranian culture has a history of several thousand years.
This has made Iranian handicrafts very popular all over the world
Because their high quality has been completely proven after all these years.
The popularity and attractiveness of handicrafts does not end only with its quality and beauty, to make one of your handicraft products requires a high cost, advanced technology,
You do not have to work outside the home and many other things. This also makes you interested in producing different handicrafts.
With the spread of technology and cyberspace, everyone in the world knows handicrafts well and is familiar with handicraft products.
Many people even sell their handicrafts through cyberspace
Because they no longer need to spend exorbitant costs such as paying taxes and can easily sell their products.
Making money through handicrafts is a job that has many fans and many women in our country, including housewives, have chosen this job.
You do not need to study in a specific field to enter this category of jobs and you only need to improve your skills in that field,
So you can easily do this and sell through cyberspace such as Instagram pages, Telegram channel and. Them.
But if, after reading this article, you are thinking of starting this field.
But you do not know which handicraft is the best and best-selling to choose for work,
It is better to stay with us, because we have decided to name the best-selling handicrafts
And review each of them to guide you through the best choices.

What are the best selling handicrafts ?

The following are some of the best-selling Iranian handicrafts.
  1. Carpet
  2. Painting on pottery and ceramics
  3. Enamels
  4. khatam kari
  5. Mat weaving
  6. Turquoise
  7. And…


Carpet and rug weaving is one of the best-selling handicrafts that has belonged to Iranians from the beginning.
The art of carpet weaving is a very valuable art that tops the sales list of handicrafts.
There is a great interest in hand-woven carpets in Iran,
In addition to Iran, there are many people around the world who are interested in hand-woven carpets
And they spread it in their house.
This indicates that the sale of carpets will have a good income both in Iran and abroad.
So once you start, you can even think about exporting it.
Rest assured that countries such as the United Kingdom, Lebanon, the United States, Japan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, South Africa and Australia will be future customers of your business.
And you can count on them for export.
Carpet weaving is done in different ways in different regions and in Iran, different types of weaving are done.
The type of texture, the material of the yarn, the material of the yarn and many other things determine the price of the carpet.
In our country, Iran, the people of some cities such as Kashan, Yazd, Isfahan , Tabriz and Kerman are engaged in carpet weaving more than other cities.
Klim weaving, jajim weaving, gabbe weaving and هستند are also arts that are known as a subset of carpet weaving.
And they are also very welcome.

Painting on pottery and ceramics

Another best-selling handicraft that has many fans in Iran is the art of painting on pottery.
This art is very popular in cities such as Hamedan, Kashan and Yazd and many people in these cities are working in this field.
Activists in this field create beautiful and attractive designs on ceramics and pottery or decorative items.
Which undoubtedly attracts the eyes of every viewer.
Painted pottery and ceramics are used to decorate the house or the desired location, especially traditional neighborhoods.


Enamel art is not old in Iran.
Enamel work is very similar to the art of painting on pottery and ceramics.
The difference is that this time the paintings are done on metals.
Paintings on metals are very delicate in this art.
The metals on which the painting is done are silver, gold and copper, which are sold after painting and glazing.

khatam kari

Another original Iranian art is inlay work.
This beautiful art has many fans in Shiraz and Shirazis are one of the activists in this field.
Walnut, betel, ebony, jujube and ivory sticks, bones, gold and rice are used in this art.
In this art, they work on wood with these items and sell them in the form of paintings, boxes, tables and so on.

Mat weaving

I think there are few people who do not know the art of mat weaving. This art is very common in Gilan province .
The people of Gilan have easy access to the raw materials of this art, so its people are among the most expert in this art.
Suff, which is the raw material needed for this art, grows in this province next to swamps and reservoirs.


One of the attractive Iranian arts is turquoise.
This art may not be very old, but its fans are not few.
Turquoise stamping is done with the help of copper and turquoise stones.
This art is used to work on copper tableware, jewelry, vases, dishes, candlesticks, and so on.
You can easily set up a turquoise workshop in your home and promote this art.

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